• Working pressure up to 450 psi depending on pipe size
  • Temperatures up to 99 Deg C (210 deg F)
  • Recommended for water, waste water (pH 1 to 12), moderately corrosive liquids and mild chemicals.
  • Superior Corrosion/Abrasion Resistance- (for strong acids and most caustics)
  • High Strength Capability with pipe spans similar to steel
  • Better Chemical Resistance, higher Temperatures and longer spans than PVC/CPVC
  • Adhesive Bonded Joining Systems: Matched Taper Bell & Spigot or Socket Joint
  • Smooth Interior for Higher Flow Rates
  • Energy Savings- Lower Pressure Drop & Reduced Pumping Costs
  • Reduction in Maintenance & Replacement Costs
  • Lower Installed Cost Compared to Metallic Systems


  • Low Pressure Battery and Facility Piping
  • Vapour Recovery Lines
  • Vent Lines
  • Flare Lines
  • Tank Internals
  • Water Handling (Frac, Processing, Transfer, Cooling Lines)
  • Condensate Return
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • CO2
  • Brine and brackish water
  • Chemical process piping

Engineering Design Guide

Chemical Resistance Guide

Red Thread, Green Thread & Silver Streak Installation Manual

Completion and Production Solutions

Tank Battery Flier

Red Thread Product Data

Product Description

Red Thread HP pipe is a filament wound product constructed of epoxy resins and continuous glass filaments.  Red Thread HP pipe is designed in accordance with API 15LR. Pipe and fittings are available in diameters of 2” through 42”, with pressure ratings up to 435 psig (30.0 barg) static pressure rating. The maximum operating temperature for Red Thread is 210° F (99° C). Compatible epoxy fittings are manufactured with the same pressure and temperature capabilities as the pipe.  Depending on the application and the particular part and size, fittings will be compression molded, contact molded, hand fabricated or filament wound.

Materials and Construction

Red Thread HP16 pipe is manufactured by the filament winding process using aromatic amine-cured epoxy thermosetting resin to impregnate strands of continuous glass filaments. The pipe is rated up to 435 psig in accordance with API 15LR, 20 year design life at 200°F (93°C), serviceable up to 210°F (99°C) by applying a derating factor of 0.92 to all component ratings.

ASTM D-2996 Classification: RTRP-11AW1-3110 for static design basis.


Fittings are manufactured with the same chemical and temperature capabilities as the pipe. Depending on the configurations and size, the fittings construction method will be compression molded, contact molded, fabricated or filament wound. Fittings details are in two documents. Use CI1350 for sizes

2”-16” (50-400 mm) and CI1351 for 18”-42” (450- 1050 mm). All fittings may not have the same pressure rating as the pipe. System rating is governed by the lowest rated component used.