TS&M Supply is the exclusive oilfield distributor of Pexgol heavy duty PE-Xa pipe.  Pexgol, a division of Golan Plastic Products, is the only worldwide manufacturer that specializes in large diameter, cross-linked polyethylene pipe systems, providing them to oil & gas, industrial, infrastructure, aquaculture, and mining sectors throughout the world. 

Since 1973, TS&M has been providing customers corrosion free piping solutions with our fiberglass and Fiberspar spoolable piping products. The addition of the Pexgol product line gives us the ability to expand our corrosion-free solutions offering to the lower pressure piping market.

Pexgol, a division of Golan Plastic Products, is a global leader of heavy duty PE-Xa pipe material.  Produced under high pressures and temperatures, Pexgol products results in a chemically unbreakable cross-connection between polyethylene chains.  The result of this chemical connection is the creation of a material which has extremely high structural integrity, combined with resistance to a wide variety of corrosives and weather conditions.

TS&M has strategically placed service centers with knowledgeable, highly trained technical experts giving us the opportunity to supply our customers with the best value offering in the market. TS&M will continue to provide the most comprehensive services and industry leading support for pipeline, facility piping and tubing/casing markets.


  • Water Infrastructure
    • Frac Water
    • Source Water
    • Produced Water
  • Upstream Gas
    • Low Pressure
  • Gas gathering and transport lines
  • Crude Oil
  • Light Chemicals
    • H2S
    • Salts
    • CO2

Installation Methods

  • Conventional open trench
  • Above ground piping
  • Boring capabilities

**Contractor training and certifications available upon request


Corrosion Control

  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance:  Pexgol pipe is resistant to a wide range of chemical agents, slurries, toxic and radioactive materials

Reduced Line Pipe Installation Costs

  • Allows a safe, quick and efficient installation reducing manpower and equipment costs
  • Larger diameter offerings in coils/spools in long sections reducing installation time and the amount of connections required.  (4" 4265 ft, 6" 1969 ft, 8" up to 919 ft, 10" up to 525 ft)

Improved Flow Capacity

  • Smoother interior pipe surface vs steel and standard HDPE increasing efficiency and resisting scale/paraffin build-up
  • High Resistance to Abrasion: Typically, 3X more resistant than HDPE and 2X more than steel

Additional Benefits

  • High range of temperature resistance: -58°F to 230°F
  • UV resistant - withstand exposure to sunlight (rated for 50 years)
  • Resistant to slow crack growth.  Pexgol's molecular structure ensures resistance to stress and cracks
  • Durable/Extremely high structural integrity
  • PE-Xa - chemically unbreakable cross-connection between polyethylene chains
  • Pexgol complies with API 15-PX
  • Reliable with over 30 years of installations all over the world
  • Resistance to water hammer due to cross-linked structure ability to withstand total transient pressure greater than 2.5 times design pressure
  • Pexgol Engineering available for design and installation assistance

Fitting Options

  • GP Flange Couplers - bolt on flanges can be used for the full range of temperatures and pressures (150 ANSI)
  • GP Split Pipe Couplers - a pipe to pipe bolt on coupler
  • Reinforced Electrofusion Fittings - the pipe and fittings can be joined by electrofusion welding, creating a leak-proof seal


Pexgol Linecard (Canada)

Pexgol Linecard (USA)

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