About TS&M Fiberglass

TS&M Supply is the exclusive Canadian Oilfield distributor of NOV Fiber Glass Systems Fiberspar spoolable products, and their 4rd SP/SPH jointed line pipe. Our offering also includes corrosion resistant downhole tubing/casing, line pipe and facility piping (Red Thread and Bondstrand).

TS&M has 18 installation supervisors throughout our 6 locations with many years of industry experience that are capable of providing technical expertise and supervision during installation.  TS&M supplies NOV Fiber Glass Systems products for oilfield applications in sizes ranging from 2" - 12" with pressure capabilities up to 3500 psi and temperature ratings to 100°C/212°F.  


The History of TS&M

In 1973 TS&M Supply was purchased by three local Estevan businessmen, and in 1976 took on a fourth owner. It would be interesting to know if these four men’s dreams and expectations for their little company came anywhere close to the reality that TS&M Supply grew into. Their business philosophy was simple. Complete dedication to both product knowledge and customer service. This is still the cornerstone for TS&M Supply’s continuing success today.

Since 1973 TS&M has worked as a distributor for Centron Fiberglass piping products in Canada. Originally pipe was inventoried and sold through our location in Estevan, Sask. With the success that TS&M was having in Saskatchewan with the Centron products and selling more pipe into Alberta we decided to expand our operation and open a new location in Provost, AB in 1999. The business then expanded to Southern Alberta (Brooks) in 2001 and relocated this branch to Redcliff, AB in 2005.

In January 1997 TS&M Supply was sold to a larger chain of stores, and sold once again in 1998 to become part of National Oilwell Varco. In May of 2012 CE Franklin was purchased by NOV. This acquisition was another great addition to the TS&M business group adding 5 more locations and several great employees with many years of experience and knowledge that added to the TS&M footprint. These additions in our local surrounding communities enable us to better support our customers.

In 2011 Centron and its parent company Ameron International were purchased by NOV Fiber Glass Systems. With the integration of these two successful businesses our product lines have now grown to include all FGS jointed oilfield product lines.

In June of 2014 National Oilwell Varco completed the spinoff of DistributionNOW and TS&M became part of that family.  DistributionNOW is a successful large multinational company but through all the years they have recognized the value of the TS&M Supply brand and we have maintained our local identity. Our TS&M head office is still located here in Estevan and the business is still managed by a group of local people. 

In 2016 TS&M Fiberglass also became the exclusive distributor of the NOV/FGS Fiberspar spoolable composite pipe. With this addition we opened our 3rd deployment center in Leduc, Alberta. 

Perhaps one of the biggest factors in setting TS&M Supply apart from the competition is our firm belief in supporting our community at a local level. We are very proud of the fact that we are now, and have always been, a very active Community Leader and supporter. Fortunately, DNOW shares this belief and has allowed us to continue what we started so many years ago.

Although we began as a one store business, TS&M Supply has currently expanded into twenty-two locations, including six fiberglass/composite pipe locations. We now have branches in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario & North Dakota, currently employing about 170 people. Through our evolution from a one store business in 1973, TS&M Supply remains a solid leader in the industry today.

TS&M Supply distributes a full line of oilfield & industrial products. It provides service, repair & technical assistance for all fiberglass / composite products, bottom-hole pumps, PC pumps, Multiplex pumps, and safety equipment. It also has a full service shop for pumps, valves, meters, gauges, etc.

At the end of the day, TS&M Supply’s success can all be traced back to the original business philosophy that is still followed today; 100% dedication to product knowledge and customer service!