TS&M Supply can offer their customers full confidence in their installation by supporting the product with our accredited Centron fiberglass installation representation from training, certification, supervision or complete turnkey installations. TS&M has the materials, technical expertise and ability to tie-on to any existing fiberglass pipeline products.

Please contact TS&M for approved fiberglass contractors in your area.


  • Flow/capacity design, single or multi-phase
  • Support with AFE estimations
  • Complete installation procedures
  • Handling requirements
  • Bending calculations
  • Support methods (risers, bores, line crossings and unstable soil)
  • Tie-in procedures (risers, and existing lines)
  • Testing procedures
  • Certification course available for contractors


  • Sizing requirements
  • Pull length calculations
  • Rated axial loads


  • Complete fabrication of replacement risers
  • In house testing available

  • Design calculations and recommendations
  • Lifting equipment recommendations
  • Training of rig crew personnel
  • Handling requirements
  • Axial load and compression ratings
  • Spacing and stretch calculations
Facility Piping

  • Design applications
  • Support spacing
  • Temperature and expansion calculations

TS&M has a large assortment of tools for all fiberglass installations from lifting equipment, tapering tools to heat blankets. Rate sheet available upon request.