TS&M Supply is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of NOV FGS’s Fiberspar Spoolable products. Since 1973, TS&M has been providing customers with corrosion free piping solutions with our Centron and Bondstrand fiberglass products. The addition of the Fiberspar product line gives us the ability to expand our corrosion-free solutions offering.

TS&M has strategically placed service centers with knowledgeable, highly trained technical experts giving us the opportunity to supply our customers with the best value offering in the market. TS&M will continue to provide the most comprehensive services and industry leading support for pipeline, facility piping and tubing/casing markets.


  • Flow / Emulsion Lines 
  • Injection / Disposal Lines 
  • Group Lines 
  • Gas gathering and transport lines 
  • Polymer Injection / Flow lines 
  • De-Watering lines 
  • Natural Gas Production 
  • High Pressure CO2 and Salt Water Injection  
  • Crude Oil, Salt Water, H2S 
  • Light Chemicals: 
    • Salts 
    • Solvents 
    • pH 2-13 Solutions

Installation Methods

  • Conventional open trench 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Boring capabilities 
**Contractor training and certifications available upon request


Corrosion Control 

  • Resists corrosion caused by CO2, H2S and saltwater. Requires no protective coating.

Reduced Line Pipe Installation Cost 

  • Light and easy to handle. Less personnel and equipment needed during installation. 

Improved Flow Capacity 

  • Smoother interior pipe surface increases efficiency and resists scale/paraffin build-up.


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